Strizh Training ekranoplans. First flight: 1990


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This ekranoplan craft is designed for initial training of ekranoplan pilots, as well as for advanced training flights to maintain and enhance the skills of ekranoplan craft fliers.

Operation Conditions 
The ekranoplan craft is operated on offshore sea zones, water reser-voirs, lakes and rivers during daytime all year round. The ekranoplan craft takes off and lands on water and snow at max. wind force of up to 10 m/s and waves 0.4 m high (3% occurrence). 
The ekranoplan craft is based on coastal sites or housed in hangars. 
The ekranoplan craft is transported on the ground, placed on water and hoisted back from the water via a special trolley, which slides on a hydro-chute or is operated by the lifting crane, with at least two ton capacity.

Main Power Plant 
Two VAZ-41 33.10 rotor-piston engines, 2x155 hp operate fixed pitch air propellers via cardan shafts.

Radio Navigation AIDS 
The ekranoplan craft boasts state-of-the-art radio, radio navigation and navigation aids, which meet the Safety Rules of Flights Over the Sea in accordance with requirements of the IMO/ICAO to ekranoplan craft. 

The airframe is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, AMgo. The air-frame is riveted. 
The full-scale tests revealed that the ekranoplan craft "Strizh" demon­strated natural (without employment of automation) ground-effect stabili­ty. Its seakeeping characteristics proved to be higher than that of flying boats of the same weight. In addition, the tests proved the "Strizh"'s capa­bility to make maneuvering in vertical planes out of ground effect and to make a short flight out of ground effect to overcome obstacles.



Maximum take-off, kg 1.650
Payload, kg -
Length, m 11,4
Height, m 3,6
Wing span, m 6,7
Wing area, m2 -
Maximum speed, km/h 180/200
Power-plant 2 x Voyager-300
Power, h.p 2 x 220
Service ceiling, m 0,8
Range, km 200
Passengers -
Crew 2