An-140 Turboprop regional airliner. First flight: 1997 © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Kostas Panitsidis

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Production: since 1999 (total 35 units produced)
Accidents and incidents: 5

Production discontinued: 2016

The An-140 is a twin-engine turboprop regional airliner developed to replace the aging aircraft An-24/26 and Yak-40 which have been in service for many decades. It can carry 52 passengers or 6 tons of cargo at a speed of 533 km/h over a distance of 2650 km. The aircraft is equipped with two TV3-117VMA-SB2M turboprop engines. The first prototype first flew on September 17, 1997. In 1999 the aircraft was produced in small numbers by the Ukrainian aircraft factory in Kharkiv (Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company “KSAMC”). A total of 35 aircraft were delivered. The production of the aircraft was discontinued in 2016.

In addition to Ukraine, the aircraft was exported to Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran. In 1994-95 Iran acquired the rights to jointly produce the An-140 aircraft (the IrAn-140 is manufactured under license based on the An-140).
As of 2023, the remaining aircraft are operated until their resources are service depleted.

 SpoilerAileronServo tabFlapTrim tabRudderElevatorGeared trimer tab (external). Geared trimmers tab elevator (external)Geared trim tab ruddere.

It is a twin-engine turboprop high-wing aircraft, with the engines installed in pods that extend forward slightly down from the wings. The fuselage is a conventional all-metal simi-monocoque, with a circular cross-section. Its length is 22.605 m while the length of the cabin is 14.51 m with a total luggage space of 9.1 m3 capacity (the luggage space under the passenger cabin 3 m3 and the rear luggage space 6.1 m3). The An-140 is powered by two TV3-117MA-SB2M turboprops engines power 5000 h.p. on take-off, driven by 6-bladed Aerosila SV-140, constant-speed fully feathering reversible propellers (curved sword-shaped). The propeller diameter is 3720 mm, the weight 196 kg and their maximum rotation at 1200 rpm/min.
For autonomous starting of the power plant is carried out by an auxiliary power unit type AI9-3B or TA-14 which is located in the tail of the aircraft.

 The engine is made according to a two-shaft scheme and consists of a gas turbine drive and a propeller drive transmission. The AV-140 propeller with blades made of polymer composite materials was designed for the An-140 regional passenger aircraft. The propeller is certified.


Type TV3-117VMA-SBM1 (installed on early models) TV3- 117VMA-SB2M
Units H=0, Мn=0, MCA+15o H=0, V=0, МСА
Power, h.p.    
-emergency power 2.800 2.400
-take-off power rating (max) 2.500 2.150
-cruise power 1.750 (H=6 km, V=612 km/h ) 1.550 (H=6 km, V=600 km/h)
Specific fuel consumption, gr/h.p.*h:    
-take-off power rating 0,199 0,228
-cruise power 0,188 0,203
Pressure ratio:    
-take-off power rating 10 >9,40
Temperature of the gas at the turbine intake, take-off power rating, K 1.293 >1.263
Specified service life, hour:    
-assigned (service) life 7.500 >6.000 (with increased lifetime of cold engine part up to 18.000 hours and turbine parts up to 9.000 h).
-life between overhauls - 3.000
Dimensions, mm:    
-lenght 2.860 3.050
-height 1.210 1.218
- width 880 1.024
Engine weight, kg    
- dry weight 595 610
-Weight max (including generator and air-to-air heat exchanger) not more than 795 852,5


Interior layout

Placement of household equipment

 GripHead restraintPassenger seatsHand luggage storage lockersPilot's seatCrew wardrobeКInspector's chair (pilot)Buffet. Flight attendant seatRear baggage and cargo compartmentViewfinderEntranve doorWC.


Passenger version for 52 passengers.

Crew compartmentPassenger compartment (cabin)VestibuleRear baggage compartment.


Passenger-cargo version for 36 passengers and 1650 kg of cargo.

Crew compartmentPassenger compartment (cabin)VestibuleRear baggage compartment.


Passenger-cargo version for 28 passengers and 2650 kg of cargo.

Crew compartmentPassenger compartment (cabin)VestibuleRear baggage compartment.


Passenger-cargo version for 20 passengers and 3650 kg of cargo.

Crew compartmentPassenger compartment (cabin)VestibuleRear baggage compartment. 


Fuel for the aircraft is placed in wing tanks-caissons (one each in the left and right half-wings, specific gravity of fuel γ=0,775 kg/cm3).
Landing gear – Tricycle double wheel retractable landing gear.
The aircraft is equipped with modern avionics, which ensures flights according to the rules: Instrument flight, day and night.



An-140 © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Antonov Company
Two turboprop engine TV3-117VMA-SBM1
Two turbofan engine D-436-148FM
Power h.p.
Length, m
Height (empty aircraft), m
Wing span, m
Wing area m2
Cabin compartment dimensions, m:
- length
- width
- height
Maximum take-off, kg
Normal take-off, kg
Empty aircraft, kg
Internal fuel, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Service ceiling, m
Ferry range, km
Range, km
-with max payload 
-with 52 passengers
Payload, kg
up to 52 passengers or up to 6.000 kg of cargo.


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