Zhuk-MFE  Passive electronically scanned array (PESA) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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Export designation Zhuk-MFE
Formerly known as FGM29F AKA N010MF
Identical to radar Ν031 Sokol
Further development on Ν031 Sokol and Zhuk-MF have been discontinued.

Zhuk-MFE unified airborne multifunction radar with phased array antenna is intended for the aircraft of frontline aviation.

Operation modes:

Target detection and measurement of range to targets flying above the aircraft or against the land (sea-surface) background within a radar scan zone.
Single target track.
Simultaneous track of up to 20 targets within a scan zone in the track-while-scan mode and support to simultaneous attack against up 4 targets (“dangerous targets” or targets selected by pilot).
Support close maneuvering combat (submodes: Vertical, HUD field-of-view, Sighting, Boresight, Slewable).
Detection of helicopters, including the hovering ones, and attack against them.
Recognition of target classes and target number determination.

Real beam mapping, Doppler beam sharpening mapping, focused synthetic aperture mapping.
Scale expansion and map freezing.
Simultaneous track of 2 ground targets.

Sea-surface search
Detection of ground-and sea-surface moving targets, track of them.
Air-to-ground ranging.
Carrier velocity measurement.
Information support to low altitude flight.

Target designation data, illumination and missile correction data for the R-27R1 (R1E) air-to-air missiles.
Target designation data and missile correction data for the RVV-AE air-to-air missiles.



TYPE Passive electronically scanned array
Operating frequency band X
Number of carrier frequencies 16
- type PESA
- diameter, mm 700
Angle movements:  
- in azimuth, deg ±70
- in elevation, deg ±70
Noise factor (dB) 3
Transmitter power:  
- peak power(kW) 6
- average power (kW) 1,5
Target detection range for targets of σ=5m2 in air-to-air modes, km:  
- head-on aspect 120
- tail-on aspect 60
- head-on aspect 110
- tail-on aspect 50
Ranges of ground-and sea-target detection, km  
- group of moving tanks 25
- railway bridge 120
- missile boat up to 150
- destroyer up to 300
Azimuth and range resolutions, m  
- low resolution (R=80 km) 300x300
- medium resolution (R=60 km) 30x30
- high resolution (R=20 km) 3x3
Mass, kg 225
Input power  
- AC (kVA) 12
- DC (kW) 1,5
Cooling Air and liquid
MTBF, h 200
Target designation data for the missiles: R-73E, R-27T (TE) air-to-air missiles. 
Kh-31E, Kh-35 air-to-surface missiles.