Irbis-E Passive electronically scanned array © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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“Irbis-E” all-weather, multifunction, full spectrum, multipurpose, in escort and firing radar control system supports:
-Escord with simultaneous firing targets in range till 350-400 km
-Electronic scanning with mechanical additional turn
-Map-making with real beam and synthesized aperture with high resolution.


Radar system © Sukhoi Company (JSC)

Radar system © Sukhoi Company (JSC)

Electronic scanning. High detection and ranges of aerial, ground and sea targets. Targets' tracking with simultaneously air surveillance. Ground moving targets' selection. Terrain following flight support.


Radar control system (RCS) “IRBIS-E” flight type

-Radar control system (RCS) “IRBIS-E” is intended for solution of the following missions, in structure of integrated se of airborne equipment (SAE);
-Acquisition and tracking of radio contrasting and radio-emitting in working frequency range of radar system air, land and frequency targets;
-State affiliation definition of the detected air and water-borne targets;
-Interaction with guided missiles of various type of “B-B” class on high-frequency channels at the stage of start-up preparation and on flight trajectory;
-Class and type of air purposes recognition on their radar-tracking “portraits” of resolution of air purposes in dense groups;
-Formation of radar image (RI) of underlying surface (map) in modes of the low, average and high resolution;
-Radar image “freezing” on assignment of command information system (CIS) of the aircraft with indigenous aircraft position display;
-Information support of low-level flight during flight calibration and obstacle avoidance;
-Detection and analysis of oncoming meteounits;
-Release and reception from SAE of necessary information according to the established interconnect protocol of “training type”


Radar Coverage Areas © Sukhoi Company (JSC)

Radar Coverage Areas © Sukhoi Company (JSC)

 Searching area (Max target acquisition and tracking angels)  Search and acquisition area in dogfights based on HMS targeting
 Search and acquisition area in “Vertical” dogfight  Search and acquisition area in dogfight “HUD” mode



TYPE Passive electronically scanned array
Operating frequency band X
Antenna Diameter, mm 900
Power consumption, kW 5
Peak power rating, 20 kW 20
Target detection range, with radar signature being 3m2, km 350-400
Surveillance sector  
- electronic scanning, deg. ±60
- mechanical scanning, deg. ±120
Number of detected and tracked targets 30
Number of simultaneously engaged air targets up to 8
Air-to-Surface” Mode  
- tracking ground-based targets up to 4
AIRCRAFT Su-30MK2, Su-30SM2, Su-35S


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