Rafale F3R Multipurpose fighter. First flight: 2018 (upgraded to F3R level) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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Introduction in Hellenic air Force in 2021
332nd All Weather Squadron “Hawk”
Location: 114 CWTanagra Air Base
Year of establishment: 1998 (332nd All Weather Squadron: 1989)
Subordination: 114th Combat Wing
Aircraft serving: Mirage 2000 EGM/BGM, Rafale F3R
Mission: All weather interceptor


The Rafale F3R aircraft is made according to the "canard" aerodynamic scheme, with a triangular mid-wing, with an additional all-turning front horizontal tail and a single-fin tail. The Rafale F3R is a twin-engine multi-role fighter aircraft, equipped with M-88-4E engines, with a maximum thrust of 7,711 kgf (with afterburning) each, with simultaneous upgrading of electronic equipment, also incresed carrying capacity of armaments and the gun control.


In 2021 the contract 013Γ / 20 was signed, between HAF (Greece) and France, for the supply of 14 aircraft (single-seater Rafale EG) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

In 2021 the contract 013Γ / 20 was signed, between HAF (Greece) and France, for the supply of 14 aircraft (single-seater Rafale EG).


In 2021 the contract 013Γ / 20 was signed, between HAF (Greece) and France, for the supply of 4 aircraft (two-seater Rafale DG) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

In 2021 the contract 013Γ / 20 was signed, between HAF (Greece) and France, for the supply of 4 aircraft (two-seater Rafale DG).


The main directions of modernization:
-RBE-2AA radar with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)
-Thales SPECTRA Electronic Warfare Suite on board the Rafale
-Front Sector Optronic (FOS)
-Data Link-16
-AREOS new generation reconnaissance pod (Airborne Recce observation system)
-Damocles multifunction laser designation pod
-Talios multifunction targeting pod
-Transporting missiles MICA NG, Meteor, Scalp-EG, AASM (Armement air-to-surface armament) and GBU type bombs.
-Air Refueling Pod
-Air refueling with the Buddy-Buddy method.


Meteor Beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVR) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Meteor Beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVR).

Specifications: Length 3650 mm, Diameter 178 mm, Mass 165 (190) kg, Warhead weight 25 kg and type high explosive blast-fragmentation. Its maximum speed 5.512 km/h , while its maximum range is > 100 km. The missile has the ability to engage and destroy targets performing maneuvers up to 11 g.


AASM Hammer & Guidance kits © Konstantinos Panitsidis

AASM Hammer & Guidance kits

The AASM Hammer is a family of smart, new-generation, guided air-to-ground weapons with different standard bomb sizes (125, 250, 500, and 1.000 kg).
Fire-and-forget, it can be aimed at stationary or moving targets with very high accuracy thanks to three guidance kits-INS/GPS, INS/GPS/IR and INS/GPS/LASER - wether by day or night, in all weather conditions with a range exceeding 60 kilometers.
Autonomous after it has been dropped, the AASM can be used at low altitudes, cross hilly terrain or veer sharply from the firing aircraft. Interoperable and combat proven, the AASM Hammer meets all the spectrum of Air Forces' needs at the tactical level. Deployed in foreign theaters of operation, it has shown its performance and reliability.


Talios multifunction targeting pod © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Talios multifunction targeting pod


Rafale F3R © Konstantinos Panitsidis

1. RBE-2AA radar with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)  2. Passive visual sight (LLTV) 3. Infrared (IR) scanner / tracker  4. Fixed (detachable) flight refueling probe  5. One-piece frameless windshield  6. Cockpit canopy  7. Two-crew cockpit  8. Port engine air intake  9. Port forward-oblique SPECTRA electronic counter measures (ECM) antenna  10. SPECTRA radar warning receiver (RWR) antenna (right and left)  11. Starboard canard  12. Delta wing  13. Wingtip fixed missile pylon  14. Chaff/decoy launcher  15. Variable area afterburner nozzle shroud  16. Brake parachute housing  17. SPECTRA electronic counter measures (ECM) antenna  18. Vertical stabilizer  19. SPECTRA ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) equipment housing. 



Rafale F3R © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Dassault Aviation
Multipurpose fighter
Two Snecma M88-4E
Thrust, kgf
2 x 7.711
- with afterburning
- without afterburner
Thrust-to-weight ratio
1,05 (weight take-off 14.700 kg)
Length, m
15,27 (15,30)
Height, m
Wing span, m
Wing area m2
- span, m
- area, m2
- sweepback angle, degree
Empty aircraft, kg
Normal take-off, kg
14.700 (14.710)
Maximum take-off, kg
Internal fuel, kg
Fuel capacity in external tanks, kg
up to 6700
Maximum speed, km/h
Max speed in low height, km/h
Landing speed, km/h >222
Rate of climb, m/min 18.300 (340 m/s)
Wing loading, kg/m2 321,6 (weight take-off 14.700 kg)
Maximum overload, g -3,2 / +9,0
Runway, m 400
Service ceiling, m 15.240
Range, km 1.800
Combat range (with three external fuel tanks), km 1.389
Aerial refueling
Combat range, km
One 30-mm cannon Nexter GIAT M30/719B, with 125 rounds, type APIT. Warload9.500 kg. Number external hardpoints 13-14. Possibility of transport Air-to-air missile Meteor (BVR), MIGA EM ή MICA IR.
Air-to-surface (ground) missile SCALP EG subsonic missile “Fire and Forget”, AASM Modular Air-to-Surface Armament.
Anti-ship missile Exocet AM39 Block2 Mod 2.
Bombs GBU 12/16/24.
External fuel tank.


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Rafale Rafale
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