"Hoplite" - High Mobility Tactical Vehicle 4 x 4 © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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The modular vehicle Hoplite was designed with a maximum of 12 tons gross weight and a payload of 2 tons. The vehicle is based on a heavy-duty, mine-resistant frame with an optimized maximum of interior space in the mission cabin. The exchangeable cabin and optimized weight warrants the air transportability and mission-defined use as a major tool of quick response forces.


"Hoplite" - High Mobility Tactical Vehicle 4 x 4 © Konstantinos Panitsidis

-The “Hoplite” is based on a heavy-type, mine-resistant frame optimized for heavy military duty
-Fully protected cabin (mission capsule) is mounted on the rigid body
-Using a variety on special materials and its combinations
-Designed under NATO STANAGs and EU Directives
-Cabin is removeable and can be exchanged in short time even in the mission camps
-Different mission capsules warrant mission-defined use from combat to peacekeeping
-Cabin can be hydraulically raised to the side to provide easy access to the power and transmission unit
-Designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions (-23oC to +49oC)
-Standard cabin comes with 5 doors and a flat roof (variations with 2, 3 and 4 doors)
-Rear cabin accepts payloads or various types of RWS and anti-tank missile launchers, sensors and standard cages
-Basic version is designed to carry a crew of 8 people
-Options also for Law Enforcement, Border Patrol etc.


"Hoplite" - High Mobility Tactical Vehicle 4 x 4 © Konstantinos Panitsidis

- Engine bay forms part of the frame structure and is independent from the cabin
- Cabin is independent of the blast protection frame
- Frame can be fitted with various configurations of cabin
- Blast protection plane forms the base of the frame onto which the cabin is fitted

- Blast frame and cabin floor act as a blast attenuating double skin, energy absorbing mechanism and provides exceptional safety characteristics for the crew
- Mine protected seats and seat attachments are fitted as standard
- Increased occupant survivability as result of combination of blast frame, cabin design and installed certified seating systems
- Maximized internal vehicle space without sacrificing vehicle silhouette and height constraints
- Concept is atypical to standard vehicle designs and uses new special materials


One 20-mm cannon Rheinmetal Mk-20 © Konstantinos Panitsidis
One 20-mm cannon Rheinmetal Mk-20


Smoke grenade launcher systems (4 x 2) © Konstantinos Panitsidis
Smoke grenade launcher systems (4 x 2)



TYPE Armored car
CREW 2 + 6 
POWER-PLANT (Engine) Turbo Diesel
Engine displacement, L 5,7
Power, h.p 300
Torque  1.100Nm (1.200-1.800 rpm)
Gearbox 6 Speed Automatic
Lenght, mm 6120
Width, mm 2370
Height, mm 2640
Wheelbase, mm 3600
Ground clearance, mm 490
Empty weight, kg -
Maximum weight, kg 12.000
Poyload, kg 2.000
Maximum speed, km/h up to 120
Range over, km 700
Turning radius, m  16,5
Gradeability, % 60
Side slope, % 35
Fording, m 1
Transfer case 2 speed high-low range with park brake fitted
Steering Hydraulic power steering
Electric System 24V-360Amp Black out lighting
Brake System Hydraulic disc + Anti lock braking system (ABS)
Axles Independent front and rear with 100% locking differentials
Suspension Coil spring suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers & stabilizer bar
ARMAMENT One 20-mm cannon Rheinmetall Mk-20, Smoke grenade launcher systems (4 x 2)


PHOTOS "Hoplite" High Mobility Tactical Vehicle - International defence & Security Exhibition (DEFEA 2021, Greece, Athens)