(replicated with some later production items)

Photos from the personal collection of George Moris

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Chinese made ShL-50 leather helmet (very similar to the soviet Shl-50 except the use ofbrownish leather instead of the typical black of the soviet ones. One other difference is on the shape of the forehead mask retention stripe and buckle).

Soviet WW2 type goggles (1969 fabricated. Their main difference with the WW2 fabricated ones are two raised apertures for ventilation that later production missed. Most of the Mig-15 pilots were ecquipped with PO-1M goggles but there are early Korean War photos with pilots still wearing the WW2 style goggles).

Soviet KM-16N oxygen mask. (This was the first modern type soviet oxygen mask, very similar to the german ww2 ones. The first type was type “A” with two point attachment system. Later, the side straps were improved and there was a third steel cord installed, in order to attach to the forehead stripe. This type is designated as “N” a letter “H” in a cyrcle).

Chinese made copy of La-5 throat microphone (the soviet ones are made of white leather.