Photos from the personal collection of George Moris

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In the first photo the helmet is used without the ZSh-3 outer shell present in the other two photos. Generally, this type of gear is based on the following items:

ShL-78 leather helmet (modernised leather helmet based on the old Shl-50 but designed to fit in the Outer hard-shell).

PO-1M Goggles (they are very similar to german made later WW2 goggles. They appeared at arround 1950 and were still in use until the 80s. There were 2-3 different tinted glasses for these goggles. They were probbably used when the pilot did not wear the outer shell with the sun protecting visor).

KM-32m (modernised) Oxygen mask with Occipital bladder. (the Km-32 oxygen mask was probbably the first to enter in such mass production that was still operating in the mid 90s. The occipital bladder, was placed within the leather helmet in the back of the pilot's head. The modernised version has improvements related to some flaws of the first Km32 editions).

La-5 Throat microphone

Zsh-3m outer shell (“M” for Modernised). (this outer shell is one of the most massivly produced types, although it is hard to find one in never issued conditions. It was designed to fit over the leather helmet for a variety of aircraft. It was commonly used by most MiG-21 operators).