AI-22 Turbofan engine  © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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The engine is designed to power Tu-334 passenger regional airplane and its versions. It is likely to be used in Yak-48 passenger airplane and other airplanes. 



Fuel -
Oil -
Max thrust take-off power rating  3.755 kgf
Specific fuel consumption, take-off power rating  -
Max thrust, cruise power  775 kgf
Specific fuel consumption, cruise power  0,63 kg/kgf. h
Pressure ratio, take-off power rating  15,49
Bypass ratio 4,94
Temperature of the gas at the turbine intake, take-off power rating 1,450 K
Air flow rate, take-off power rating 125,85 kg/sec
Compressor rotation frequency low-pressure, take-off power rating -
Compressor rotation frequency high-pressure, take-off power rating
Diameter 1020 mm
Height -
Width -
Length 3060 mm
Weight 765 kg
Specified service life -