Saturn Al-31F series 42 (M1) turbofan engine  © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photo from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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The Saturn Al-31F Series 42 (M1) military turbofan engines, with afterburner and TVC (Thrust Vector Control).


TVC (Thrust Vector Control) © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Constructing Module-construction engine consists of the following main assemblies (modules)
Maximum thrust with afterburner, kgf 13.500
Thrust Vector Control, with its movement, degrees 16 for all axes
Nozzle deflection rate, deg/s 45
Diameter engine (inlet), m 0,92
Length engine, m 4,99
Maximum diameter engine for hydraulic drives, with Thrust Vector Control, m 1,33
Engine weight (with Thrust Vector Control and etc.) kg 2100 +2%



Fuel -
Oil -
Max thrust take-off power rating  13.500 kgf
Specific fuel consumption, take-off power rating  -
Max thrust, cruise power -
Specific fuel consumption, cruise power  0,685 kg/kgf. h
Pressure ratio, take-off power rating -
Bypass ratio -
Temperature of the gas at the turbine intake, take-off power rating -
Air flow rate, take-off power rating -
Compressor rotation frequency low-pressure, take-off power rating -
Compressor rotation frequency high-pressure, take-off power rating  
Diameter 924 mm
Height -
Width 1140 mm
Length 4945 mm
Weight 1520 kg
Specified service life -


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