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D-18T (III) is a triple-drive shaft, high-bypass turbofan, it is intended for installation in An-124, An-124-100, An-225 aircraft.

Engine D-18T © www.redstar.grEngine D-18T


Main advantages D-18T (III)
-the engine has a large take-off thrust
-low specific fuel consumption
-высокую надежность
-high performance system
-low levels noise
-low levels of emission
-service life up to 20.000 h.


Engine D-18T ©
Engine D-18T


The engine design is based on the principle of modular assembly.


Engine D-18T ©
Engine D-18T




Engine D-18T ©

1. Inlet fairing 2. Fan 3. Fan shaft with bearing 4. Fan casing 5. Blade directing vanes fan 6. Medium pressure compressor 7. Exhaust nozzle 8. Turbine exhaust cone 9. Rear mount 10. Rear bearing 11. Fan turbine 12. Medium pressure compressor rotor 13. Turbine case bearing 14. High pressure turbine rotor 15. High pressure nozzle guide vanes 16. Combustion chamber 17. Thrust reverser 18. Main engine module 19. Gear box (gearbox) 20. Intermediate drive (gear) 21. High pressure directing vanes Combustion chamber with directing vanes high pressure turbine. 



Fuel RT, TS-1, T-1
Oil MPM-10 OST.3801294-83, VNII 50-1-4F (GOST 13076-86), Mobil Turbo 319A-2
Max thrust take-off power rating 23.400 kgf
Specific fuel consumption, take-off power rating 0,345 kg/kgf. h
Max thrust, cruise power 4.860 kgf (H=11.000 m, M=0,75)  
Specific fuel consumption, cruise power 0,546 kg/kgf. h
Pressure ratio, take-off power rating 25
Bypass ratio 5,6
Temperature of the gas at the turbine intake, take-off power rating 1.610 K
Air flow rate, take-off power rating 760 kg/sec
Compressor rotation frequency low-pressure, take-off power rating 5.900 rpm
Compressor rotation frequency high-pressure, take-off power rating 9.100 rpm
Diameter -
Height 2937 mm
Width 2792 mm
Length 5400 mm
Weight 4100 kg
Specified service life 20.000 hour