Kuznetsov NK-93 Propfan engine © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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Aircraft turbopropfan engine NK-93 with ultra-high bypass ratio m=16.6 (16.7) developed by SNTK name N.D. Kuznetsov in the early 90s. Engine propfan NK-93 was mainly designed for large passenger and cargo aircraft (Il-96-500, Il-96MK, Tu-204-200, Tu-214, Tu-330, Tu-230).


NK-93 Propfan engine © Konstantinos Panitsidis


The engine gas generator consists of an annular combustion chamber and has a three-shaft design: 8-stage high-pressure compressor, 7-stage axial low-pressure compressor, 1-stage high-pressure turbine, 1-stage low-pressure turbine, 3-stage propfan turbine.

At the same time, 40% of the power transmitted through the gearbox falls on the eight-blade stage, and 60% on the ten-blade stage.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Kuznetsov Design Bureau ran into financial problems and the program was cancelled. According to the statement of SNTK name N.D. Kuznetsov, the program was resumed in 2014. 



Fuel -
Oil -
Max thrust take-off power rating 18.000 kgf
Specific fuel consumption, take-off power rating 0,230 kg/kgf. h
Max thrust, cruise power (H=11.000 m, M=0,75) 3.200 kgf 
Specific fuel consumption, cruise power 0,490 kg/kgf. h
Pressure ratio, take-off power rating 28,85
Bypass ratio, take-off power rating 16,6
Temperature of the gas at the turbine intake, take-off power rating 1.520 K
Air flow rate, take-off power rating 228 kg/sec
Compressor rotation frequency low-pressure, take-off power rating -
Compressor rotation frequency high-pressure, take-off power rating
Diameter 2900 mm
Height -
Width -
Length 5972 mm
Weight 3.650 kg
Specified service life -


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