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Constantinos Panitsidis holds a Master of Science in Engineering Degree from the International Civil Aviation University of Kiev as a Mechanical Engineer in Aircraft and Aeroengines Maintenance. He is the inspirer, creator and maintainer of this website  www.redstar.gr. This website mainly presents aircraft of the former Soviet Union, Russia and other countries. In most aircraft it reports their evolution from the oldest to the newest.

All the photos on the website as well as the innumerable designs are products of personal work and zeal that he has for this specialized object. That is why it is recognized as an aviation expert without lagging behind in the military or naval sector.

He believes that the visitor to his website can follow the whole historical design development of the different aircraft and each type separately and thus draw useful conclusions from the experiences of the largest aerospace companies in the world (Antonov, Beriev, Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Sikorsky, Kamov, Mil, etc). These are lessons that can be useful to today's designers who face equally complex and challenging issues in an environment where easy solutions cannot be considered as options.

Constantinos Panitsidis has spent years researching, studying and designing aircraft and engines at the Kiev International Civil Aviation University having as mentors famous professors such as N.G.Sabitov, G.V. Savel'ev, S.P.Sergienko, V.V. Panin, V.I. Burlokov, I.I. Gvozdetsky, A.N. Vetrov, et al. Today he observes that the design rules taught to him by his teachers then, resonate with today's meeting rooms and current design needs. He has even started a postgraduate research at the aforementioned university on firefighting methods to apply these rules. Furthermore, he served from March to October 1997 in the Air Force, in the Office of Inspection & Quality Control of Aircraft for CL-215 & Dornier-28. He is a former Technical Director in Greece in the period 1999 - 2002 of the company "Argo" who was renting aerial firefighting helicopters to the Ministry of Civil Protection. For all the above reasons, Konstantinos Panitsidis has gained extensive experience and expertise in both aircraft design and aerial firefighting.

He is the author of the book "The Power of the Skies" which is about the main modern warplanes of various countries, including those of the Soviet Union. The book from the first year of publication 2002 was a great success and continues to this day because the way the information is presented makes it a reference book. He has also written: "Canadair CL-215 Scooper" and "Amphibious Aircraft in Aerial Firefighting" and two collections of posters concerning the Canadair CL-215 Scooper exclusively of his own design.

He has also written an article in 2018 related to the catastrophic fire in Mati of Attica, a coastal suburb of Athens in Greece entitled: “Lest Firefighting is not a Solution for Greece?” where he describes the tragedy and exposes the inherent state problems of managing aerial firefighting in Greece.

Today, in addition to this website, he continues to design and write books of aviation interest which are sold along with the above, for a small price to be accessible to all, from his online store www.e-redstar.net.