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  AIRCRAFT PROFILE BOOK. 53 Aircraft Profile (e-books PDF)
  Calendar 2014 (Fastest Aircraft In The World - Tu-144, XB-70, SR-71, X-15, X-43A - Part I, Format 5 x A3, png)
  Poster of HAF
Hellenic Air Force (e-books PDF)
  THE POWER OF THE SKIES. World's main contemporary military aircrafts. Technical characteristics - Photographs - 3 view Drawings (e-books PDF)
  Calendar 2014 (H/C - AH-64A Apache, & AS332 C1 Super Puma, HAF, Fornat 2 x A3, png)
  Calendar 383 Sq MEEA (Format 2 x A3, png)
  Calendar 2013, HAF
  Calendar 2011
    Calendar 2011
  AMPHIBIOUS AIRCRAFTS IN AERIAL FIREFIGHTING. An Illustrated Comparative Study. Beriev Be-200 ES Vs Bombardier CL-415 Superscooper (CL-215-6B11), e-books PDF
  Anti-ship missile 3M-51 (Alpha, Alfa) (File ppt: language: Greece)
  A-400 M The Versatile Airlifter (File PDF)
  C295 MPA Capable and Affordadble (File PDF)
  EC225 Eurocopter (File PDF)
  Neuron Europ’s UCAV demonstrator (File PDF)
  A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) (File PDF)
  Calendar 2011 (Aircraft - File PDF)
  Calendar 2012 (Weapons - File PDF)
  Patria AMV
  Patria NEMO
     BSK Defense Manufacturing & Operations
     Eurofighter Typhoon
  Yak-130 - Combat Trainer Jet
  Be-200 - Multipurpose Amphibious Jet
  Mi-26T - Rostvertol
  HAF Museum
  Hellinic Air Force (HAF)
  Combat dominance AH-64D Apache Longbow
  F-16 Fighting Falcon
  KAI Delivers the Sky
  Legacy 600
  Rosoboronexport Rosoboronexport State Corporation
  Penguin anti-ship missile
  Heavy-Lift military Transport Helicopter-Mi-26 (Rosvoorouzhenie)
  Sukhoi-Su-30MK (Rosvoorouzhenie, Sukhoi Design Bureau)
  Mil Mi-17-1V Assault Transport Helicopter
  Alenia Aeronautica AMX
  Helicopter NH-90
  Be-200 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft
  Alenia Aeronautica C-27J Spartan
  C-27J Spartan
  Embraer There is No Escape
  C-27J Spartan
  Flightsafety Academy Seminole Amplified Checklist
  PzH 2000 – The Euro Howitzer
  ATR 42 MP Surveyor
  Krauss-Maffei Wegmann: The Company. Its products. Its Concepts.
  Leopard 2 – Europes Number One
     M18B Dromader
  T-50 Golden Eagle
  Code One-Thumbs up for T-50
  Rafale-The Omnirole Fighter