P-18 Target detection and designation radar renrofitted with up-to-date componentry © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

P-18 radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

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The P-18 radar retrofitted with up-to-date electronic components is highly resistant to jamming and clutter and provides robust situational awareness.

Target detection and designation radar retrofitted with up-to-date componentry.

detection, position measurement (range and azimuth) and tracking of airborne targets with radar data output to external users.


jammer location;
radar data and ancillary information output to colour displays at the operator positions;
identification friend-or-foe;
functional checkout of the radar hardware;
computer-aided fault location in the radar hardware;
target cuering



Type P-18 P-18
retrofitted with up-to-date componentry
Detection range against a MiG-21 type target (RCS = 2.6 sq m)    
at 20,000 m altitude in the clear 230 km 230 km
at 20,000 m altitude in noise jamming N/A 170 km
Jamming suppression 0 dB 25 dB
Ground clutter suppression 20 dB 45 dB
Target position accuracy:    
range 1.400 m 250 m
azimuth 47 min 25 min
Track capacity N/A 120 targets
Transmitter VE tube solid state
pulse 200 kW 5 kW
mean 500 W 550W
Frequency change electromechanic electronic
On/off time 3/5 min 2.5/1 min