Protivnik-GE - Mobile 3-D L-band radar © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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The Protivnik-GE radar boasts high immunity to jamming and clutter, high detection accuracy, and high mobility.


detection, position measurement and tracking of strategic and tactical aircraft, ASALM-type missiles, and small-size, low-velocity aircraft;
target class recognition;
identification friend-or-foe;
jammer finding;
- output of targeting data to fighter aviation and/or surface-to-air missile systems


high degree of automation in operations;
high immunity to interference;
automatic output of radar data to two users simultaneously;
automatic clutter map generation;
adaptation to interference environment and to technical condition of the radar;
built-in test system for functional checkout and monitoring of the hardware



Frequency band L
range 10 to 400 km
azimuth 360 deg
elevation up to 45 deg
altitude up to 200 km
Airborne target detection range (RCS = 1.5 sq m) 340 km
Position measurement errors:  
range 100 m (max)
azimuth 12 min (max)
elevation 10 min (max)
altitude 450 m (max)
Ground clutter suppression at least 50 dB
Track capacity 150 targets
Target classes identified 8
Antenna planar phased array
Data rate 10 5 s
Power consumption 100 kW
Deployment time 15 min (max)
Crew 3


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