Nebo-UE 3-D VHF Surveillance radar. Highly resistant to jamming and clutter, the NEBO-UE radar ensures complete awareness of the air situation © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

Nebo-UE 3-D VHF Surveillance radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

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detection, automatic acquisition and measurement of position and motion parameters of airborne targets including low-observable, small-sized, and ballistic targets;
identification friend-or-foe;
display of target data and ancillary information at the operator positions;
target class recognition;
radar data output to external users


continuous round-the-clock operation;
steady target detection in diverse weather, climate and jamming/clutter conditions;
transportable by rail, air, and water;
built-in test, computer-aided diagnostics and subsystems' parameters measurement;
crew training, also for integrated operation with automated control systems;
comfortable working conditions for the crew



Frequency band VHF
azimuth 360 deg
elevation 0 to 16 deg
altitude 0 to 65 km
Detection range against a fighter-type target  
at an altitude of 10.000 m 310 km
Target position accuracy:  
range 60 m
azimuth 10 min
altitude 400 m
Subclutter visibility factor (localised ground clutter) 45 dB
Track capacity 100 targets
Data rate 10 s
Antenna phased array
Power consumption 100 kW
MTTR 1 h (max)
Crew 3