GAMMA-S1E Mobile 3-D Radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

GAMMA-S1E mobile 3-D Radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

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Designed for use as port of automated controlsystems of air defense troops, in the Air Force, as Weil as in non-automated units and rapid deployment forces. It can also be used as a source of information for automated air traffic controffposts of civil aviation.

The Camma-S1E mobile three-dimensional, target acquisition, weapons guidance and target designation radar equipped with a phased array detects and tracks a wide range of current and prospective air targets, including air-launched missiles, in natural and man-mode interference environments.



Gamma-S1E Mobile 3-D Radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey ConcernGamma-S1E Mobile 3-D Radar © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

Mobile 3-D Radar


The radar set comprises:

-vehicle M1 carrying the antenna assembly, receive/transmit equipment and built-in ground-based radio interrogator;
-vehicle M2 carrying the control, data processing, presentation and transmitting equipment;
-vehicle Mcarrying the spare parts, accessories, test equipment and cables;
-trailers towed by vehicles Ml and M2, carrying power generating units.

Optionally, the radar can be provided with remote equipment comprising four operator workstations. If the remote equipment is installed at up to 1 km away from the radar, a fiber-optic communication line is used to transmit signals and data and if it is located at a distance of up to 15 km, signals and information are transmitted over a radio link.

The Gamma-S 1E is prospective atr target detection radar. It is noted for high energy potential and noise immunity, and high degree of automation of the target detection, target dynamic parameter measurement, operation control and monitoring processes.




Waveband centimetric
in range, km 10 to 300 / 10 to 400 (auxiliary mode)
azimuth, deg 360
elevation, deg -2 to +30 
(-2 to +55)
altitude, km 30
Clutter suppression factor, dB 45
Scan period, s 10
Target paths generated per scan 100
Coordinate measuring accuracy:  
range, m 50
azimuth, min 15
elevation, min 10 to 15
altitude, m 400
range, m 250
azimuth, deg 1,4
Power, kW:  
mean generated 10 to 12
consumed (summer/winter) 70/90
MTBF, h 500
Mean recovery time, h 0,5
Time, min  
turn-on 5 ( 3 in emergency )
set-up (close down) 40
Crew 3
Transport facilities (main) 2 vehicles