Avtobasa-M Ground-based executive ELINT complex. Vehicle-Mounted Configuration with Extended Detection Range  © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

Avtobasa-M © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

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Ground-based executive ELINT Complex


Detects, takes bearings, classifies and measures angular coordinates of radio electronic means and trajectory tracking signals of airborne and sea-based objects by radiation of radio electronic means (target passive radiolocation.
Provides the air defense high level command posts with reconnaissance information

Objects of intelligence: 

-weapon control, side-looking, low flight support, multifunctional radars;
-jamming stations;
-intelligence and strike complexes, AWACS and HAWKEYE intelligence aircrafts radars;
-radars of naval basing;
-identification friend-or-foe system (IFF);
-TACAN system.


Detection range up to 400 km
Number of simultaneously tracked targets, not less 150
Deployment time up to 60 min


Complex AVTOBAZA-M includes: 

-three sets of detection and direction finding stations (each comprising two transportation units) separated on terrain on distance up to 30 km from each other;
-one set of information processing station located on distance up to 20 km apart from each set; 

ELINT complex AVTOBAZA-M in this composition is able to perform the function of passive air target radar.



Range of operating frequencies 0,2-18 GHz
Method of space scanning Electronic circular scanning in azimuth
and 30 degrees in elevation
Detection range Up to 400 km
Method of measurements of coordinates Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)
Frequency range of immediate scanning in the operating frequency range In frequency range of 2-18 GHz
in frequency range of 0,2-2 GHz: 30 GHz:
Root-mean-square (RMS) error of determination of coordinates Not more than 2% of range
Library of target images Up to 2000 target images and modes of operation
Number of targets Up to 150
Time of EES data updating on DDFS & IPS Not more 2,5 sec
Mean-time between failures Not less 600 hours
Fault location mean-time Not more 30 min
Time of deployment / closing-down Up to 45 min
Time of combat readiness 3-5 min