E-801E “OKO” © OJSC Almaz-Antey Concern

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-detection and identification friend-or-foe of low-flying targets in adverse ground and sea surface clutter (at sea states of up to 5-6);
-automatic target acquisition and measurement of target coordinates and motion parameters;
-target data output to external users


-fully automated operation of the radar: once the system is turned on, the antenna deployed and the operating mode selected, the operator's role is limited to monitoring the condition of the hardware and observing the radar screen picture;
-the radar suite is equally well suited to operate from shipboard or a land base;
-built-in-test system


Airborne radar suite for the ka-31 radar picket helicopter



Frequency band L
range 7-250 km
altitude 5-3.000 m
azimuth 0-360 deg
Detection range against a fighter-type target 100-150 km
Detection range against a sea surface target within radio horizon
Range resolution 500 m (worst case)
Simultaneously tracket targets 40
Date rate 10 s
Turn-on time 5 min
Antenna deploy-retract time 80 s