“Saar-4” (ΛΣ 080) - Open Sea Patrol  © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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In 2002 a contract was signed between the Greek Coast Guard (HCG-ELAKT) and Israel Shipyards Ltd, for the supply of three vessels of type "Saar-4". The first vessel was delivered in 2003 and was incorporated in the power of the OS - EL.AKT, called "HCG 060 Furni", and in 2004 was delivered the second ship named "HCG 070 Ro". 

The third boat, "HCG 080 Agios Efstratios", was built in Skaramanga Shipyards and delivered in June 2004.



BUILDER Israel Shipyards Ltd
Twins vessels ΛΣ 060 Fournoi , ΛΣ 070 Ro
Status Open Sea Patrol
Length, m 58
Beam, m 7,62
Draft (max), m 2,65
Displacement (full)tons 415
PROPULSION 4 x Engines MTU-16V-396TB94 total shaft horsepower 12.000 h.p. and 4 generators Caterpillar, an equal number of propellers that move
Speed max, knot. 34,5
Range, nautical mile 2.200 nautical mile at speed max, 4.800 nautical mile at 19 knots.
Capacity, people 28 + 4
SENSORS AND PROCESSING SYSTEMS Equipped with two search radar / navigation and camera IR, which culminate in the battle system ARGO, as well as satellite communications terminal INMARSAT-B
Guns 30mm /70 OTO BREDA
Two guns of .50 "in remotely controlled stations reinforcements at the sides of the superstructure.


PHOTOS “Saar-4” (ΛΣ 080) - Open Sea Patrol