Medium range SAM system Buk-M1 © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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"Buk - Beech" (code GRAU - 9K37, NATO: SA-11 Gadfly)

Buk-M1 (9K37M1) is a modernized version, designed to attack air targets with a hit probability for targets for fighter size from 0.8 to 0.95, helicopetrs "Cobra" type 0.6 – 0.7 and 0.3 to 0.4 helicopters in suspension. 

The system can aslo engage targets like UAV, aircrafts of tactical and strategic aviation, regular ballistic missiles, guided missiles air-to-ground and air-to-surface in conditions of electronic countermeasures.


Buk-M1 (9K37M1) modernized version: 6th International Exhibition Avia Svit 2008. Air Force of Ukraine © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Buk-M1 (9K37M1) modernized version: 6th International Exhibition Avia Svit 2008. Air Force of Ukraine.

Technical description :
Autonomous launcher vehicle 9A310 - derived from the vehicle launcher - 9A38, part of the A / D 2K12M4 "Kub-M4".

The main difference is the organization interface with other subsystems of the missile defense system. Moreover, launcher 9A310 carries up to four missiles (instead of 3 of the launcher 9A38).

The preparation time for a launch after changing position is 20 sec, while the standby time is no more than 5 min. The filling of the loading vehicle is 16 min or 12 min from the vehicle LLU – mobile launch unit.


A Buk-M1 (9K37M1)SAM system 9A310 TELAR at 2008 Avia Svit 2008. Ukrainian Air Force © Konstantinos PanitsidisMissiles 9Μ38Μ1 Defendory 2006. © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Missiles 9Μ38Μ1: A Buk-M1 (9K37M1)SAM system 9A310 TELAR at 2008 Avia Svit 2008. Ukrainian Air Force Missiles 9Μ38Μ1 Defendory 2006.

Systems Buk-M1
Missiles 9Μ38Μ1
Target engagement envelope, km:  
- range 3,32...35
- altitude 0,015...20-22
- maximum cross-range to 22
Single-shot kill probability  
- aerodynamic targets 0,8...0,95
- flying helicopters 0,3...0,6
cruise missiles 0,4...0,6
Maximum target speed m/s 800
Reaction time, sec 22
Weight, kg 685
Warhead weight, kg 70
Time deployment on the run, min 5
Number of missiles 4
Inclusion in the arsenal 1983



DESIGNER Almaz-Antey
COUNTRY Russia/ Ukraine
TYPE Self propelled mounts (SPM)
Horsepowerh.p 710
Length, m 9,30
Widthm 3,250 ( 9,030 developed)
Height, m 3,800 (7,720 developed)
Track, m 4,650
Combat vehicle weight, t 32.400
Speed on road, km/h 65
Autonomy on the roadkm 500
Crossing the ditch, m 1,5
Fording, m 1
ARMAMENT x missiles 9M38Μ1