BMP-2M Infantry fighting vehicle


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For many years the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle remains one of the best IFV versions, produced by Kurganmashzavod JSCThe BMP-2 with its simple design, low operation cost and high reparability rates is highly appreciated by the army officials and experts of different countries. Combat efficiency of the BMP-2 vehicle is proved by its successful employment in real combat operations and local conflicts. 
However, changes in contemporary battlefield characteristics and operational environment, in principles of the IFV tactical employment and also the improvement of anti-tank weapons have determined the necessity of the complex upgrading of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The developed upgrading package of the BMP-2 IFV aims to improve characteristics of the vehicle fire power, mobility, protection and ergonomics.The BMP-2 upgrade can be fulfilled as an integral package, or as separate options. 

The vehicle fire power is improved due to employment of new armament and an advanced fire control system. At present, there have been developed two basic upgrading variants of the standard fire control system. 
The first upgrading version comprises installation of PNK-2-42 sighting system with a thermal imaging camera.The system enables to increase target identification range up to 3300 both day and night. Alongside with the sighting system, an ATGM launching system can be employed. It is kinematically connected to the gunner's main sight and has two ready-to-fire missiles, thus increasing target hit probability and decreasing preparation time for the next shot. 
The second upgrading version comprises installation of BPK-3-42 gunner's sight together with 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17 within the weapons system. The employment of the AG-17 automatic grenade launcher, which ensures gazing and high-fire trajectory, results in 1.9-times increase of the BMP-2 weapon system capabilities of engaging enemy targets. 

Mobility characteristics of the upgraded vehicle can be improved by installation of a new turbocharged engine UTD-23T of increased power (360 hp) instead of the standard UTD-20 engine. There are also newly designed running gear elements with improved characteristics (road wheels with increased load-carrying capacity, improved torsion bars, power-consuming shock absorbers and tracks with highway shoes). All of the.above ensures better manoeuvrability, smooth running and average movement speed on unpaved road of 40-50 km/h. 
The upgrading package also includes installation of TVK-1 combined (day/night) driver's vision device, which allows both day and night observation without replacement of the device, and thus considerably improves the driver's capabilities as compared with the standard TVNE-1 PA vision device. 

In order to enhance protection of the BMP-2 vehicle, the auxiliary armour shields (total mass 865 kg) can be installed onto the sides of the vehicle hull. The installation provides protection of the vehicle side against 12.7-mm armour-piercing bullets fired at any angle from 150 m distance.The bottom protection of the power plant and the driving compartments against destructive effect of antipersonnel mines is ensured by anti-mine bottom plates. 

Habitability of the crew and troopers is improved by installation of KBM-2 air conditioner, which ensures comfortable environment inside the vehicle with the ambient temperature up to +50Β°C. 
The BMP-2 upgrading package provides for maximum increase of combat efficiency with minimum expenses. Various options and combinations of the upgrading elements can satisfy the requirements of any customer.



Type tracked, armoured, amphibious
Combat loaded weight, t 16
Crew, persons 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Troopers, persons 7
Transportability The vehicle can be transported by rail, trailer, cargo aircraft or vessel
Main overall dimensions  
Length (with main cannon forward), mm 6735
Width (over tracks), mm 2850
Height (over device spotlight), mm 2450
Ground clearance, mm 420
Type UTD-23, six-cylinder, four-stroke, multi-fuel with direct fuel injection, liquid-cooled, turbocharged 265 (360)
Maximum power, kW (h.p.) 265 (360)
Movement speed  
Maximum movement speed on highway, km/h:  
Forward gears 65
Reverse gears 10
Average movement speed on dry unpaved road, km/h 40-50
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 7
Cruising range, km 550-600
Negotiable obstacles  
Gradient, deg 35
Negotiable obstacles  
Gradient, deg 35
Trench, m  2.5
Vertical obstacle, m 0.7
Water approach angle, deg 30
Water departure angle, deg 25
Cannon 2A42, automatic
Calibre, mm 30
Minimum rate of fire, rounds/min 550
Maximum range of aimed fire at ground targets, m 4000
Machine gun (coaxially mounted with 2A42 cannon) PKTM
Number, pcs. 1
Calibre, mm 7.62
Rate of fire, rounds/min 700-800
Maximum range of aimed fire, m 2000
Grenade launcher AG-17, automatic
Calibre, mm 30
Rate of fire, rounds/min 350-400
Maximum range of aimed fire, m 1750
ATGM launcher with one or two ready-to-fire missiles
Ammunition allowance  
Rounds for 2A42 cannon, pcs 500
Cartridges for PKTM machine gun, pcs. 2000 (in belt)
Number of ATGM, pcs. 4
Rounds for AG-1 7 grenade launcher, pcs. 250 (it belt)
Fire control system  
Gunner's sight PNK-2-42
Day vision channel  
field of view, deg 5
magnification 10x
Thermal imaging channel  
Spectral band range, km 8-12
Field of view, deg  
wide 9 x 6.75
narrow 3 x 2.25
zoom 1.5 x 1.12
Target identification range, m 3300
Laser rangefinder  
Measured range, m 5000
Range measurement accuracy, m Β±10
ATGM guiding channel  
Guidance range at daytime, m:  
for KORNET-E Β ATGM Up to 5500
for KONKURS and KONKURS-M Up to 4000
Guidance range at night, m Up to 3500
Gunner's sight BPK-3-42,
binocular, combined (day, active-passive night)
Day channel  
magnification x6
field of view, deg. 10
Night channel  
magnification x5.5
field of view, deg. 6o40'
Spotlight -
Vision range at night, m:  
passive mode 800
active mode 1300
Commander's vision device TKN-AI, binocular, combined (day, active-passive night with laser active-pulse illumination)
Target vision range, m:  
passive mode 600
active mode 1000
day system x4.75
night system x5
Field of view, deg.:  
passive mode 8
active mode 1x2
Driver's vision device TVK-1, periscopic, combined (day/night), binocular, passive
Road detection range, m 1000
Track identification range, m 700
Air conditioner  
Model KBM-2
Refrigerating capacity, kW 7