BMP-2K Infantry fighting vehicle


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The BMP-2K is a command vehicle, modification of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. It is intended to control a subunit of a motorized battalion and to carry on operations when weapons of mass destruction a re used. 

The main armament, fire control system, mobility and armour protection of the BMP-2K are similar to those of the basic vehicle. The main armament includes 30-mm automatic cannon and 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun, day and night vision devices and armament stabilizer, and ensures accurate engagement of ground and low flying targets on the move, afloat and from stationary position at day and night. The antitank guided missile system KONKURS installed on the vehicle allows efficient fighting against main battle tanks. 

The BMP-2K vehicle is fitted with a smoke grenade launching system, an automatic fire-extinguishing system and a ventilation system for manned compartments. It has automatic NBC protection system.


BMP-2K Infantry fighting vehicle


As compared with the BMP-2 IFV, the BMP-2K vehicle is equipped with additional equipment: 
Two R-173 radio sets providing communication with subordinate units and a regiment commander 
- R-107M portable radio set providing communication outside the vehicle; 
- a telescopic antenna 11 m high increasing twice as much the communication range during operation at parking; 
- a portable power plant providing power for electrical appliances with shut down engine; 
- navigation equipment providing continuous automatic indication and positioning of the vehicle on a topographic map. 
The vehicle crew includes driver, gunner, signalman, battalion commander and staff officer.



Combat loaded weight, t 14.0
Crew, persons 5 + one spare seat
Engine UTD-20 four-stroke diesel liquid cooled
Maximum power, kW (hp) 221 (300)
Maximum speed, km/h  
on highway 65
afloat 7
Average speed on dry unpaved road, km/h 40-50
Cruising range, km 550-600
Canon automatic, 2A42
Calibre, mm 30
Rate of fire, rounds/min  
slow 200-300
fast 500
Gun feed Double-belt, separate
Range of aimed fire at ground targets, m  
APT projectiles 2000
HEI and FT projectiles 4000
Coaxial machine gun PKTM
Number, pcs. 1
Calibre, mm 7.62
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min 250
Feed belt
Maximum range of aimed fire, m 2000
Rate of fire, rounds/min 800
ATGM launching system  
Ammunition allowance  
Number of 2A42 cannon cart cartridges, pcs 500
Number of PKTM machine gun cartridges in one belt, pcs 2000
Armament stabilizer electromechanical, 2-plae 2E36-5
Gunner's main sight BPK-2-42
binocular, day, active-passive night
Navigation equipment  
Type Computing system, that automatically generates current coordinates, directional angel and angle to destination point with automatic continuous indication of the vehicle location on topographic map
Model TNA-4-6
Aiming circle with azimuth extension  
Type magnetic
Model PAB-2M
Communication means and equipment  
R-173 radio station, pcs 2
R-107M portable radio set, pc. 1
Telescopic antenna, pc. 1
Portable power unit, pc. 1