BMP-2 Infantry-fighting vehicle


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For many years the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle remains one of the best IFV versions, produced by KurganmashzavodJSC.The BMP-2 with its simple design, low operation cost and high repairability rates was appreciated at its true value by the army officials and experts of different countries. Combat efficiency of the BMP-2 vehicle was proved by its successful employment in real combat operations and local conflicts. 

The BMP-2 features classical layout. In the front, there is a power plant compartment with a driving compartment located to the left. In the middle of the vehicle, there is a fighting compartment with two working stations: for the commander and the gunner. The troop compartment is located in the rear part of the BMP-2 vehicle.The troopers can leave the vehicle through the rear doors.

The armament system of the BMP-2 vehicle includes a 30-mrn automatic cannon 2A42 and a 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM coaxially mounted with the cannon. On the turret top, there is an ATGM launching system "KONKURS". The vehicle hull also has firing ports for the troopers to fire their guns. The BMP-2 armament allows effectively fighting against ground and aerial targets. High elevation of the cannon and coaxially mounted machine gun put the BMP-2 vehicle beyond any comparison during combat operations in mountainous areas. Fire control system ensures effective firing on land and afloat.

High average movement speed on rugged terrain and manoeuvrability on battlefield are provided by the high-quality running gear and the UTD-20 engine. The vehicle moves afloat without additional preparation due to the tracks propelling.

The hull and the turret of the vehicle ensure reliable protection forthe crew and troopers against small arms and shell splinters. The BMP-2 vehicle is equipped with the NBC protection system, providing protection against radiation and other damaging factors of mass destruction weapons. To ensure camouflage smoke screening the vehicle is fitted with smoke-generating equipment (SGE) and 902V smoke grenades launching system.



Type tracked, armoured, amphibious, air-transportable
Combat loaded weight, t 14,0
Crew, persons 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Troopers, persons 7
Specific power, kW/t (hp/t) 16 (22)
Overall dimensions  
Length (over hull), mm 6735
Width (over tracks), mm 2850
Height (over sighting devices), mm 2250
Ground clearance, mm 420
Type UTD-20 six-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled diesel
Gross power, kW (hp) 221 (300)
Movement speed  
Maximum speed on highway, km/h 65
Average speed on dry unpaved road, km/h 40-50
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 7
Cruising range, km 550-600
Negotiable obstacles  
Gradient, deg 35
Side slope, deg 20
Trench, m 2.5
Vertical obstacle, m 0.7
Water approach angle, deg 30
Water departure angle, deg 25
Cannon Automatic, 2A42
Calibre, mm 30
Rate of fire, rounds/min  
Slow 200-300
Fast 550
Gun feed Double-belt, separate
Range of aimed fire at ground targets, m  
APT projectiles 2000
HEI and FT projectiles 4000
Coaxial machine gun PKTM
Number, pcs. 1
Calibre, mm 7.62
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min 250
Feed belt
Maximum range of aimed fire, m 2000
Rate of fire, rounds/min 800
ATGM launching system  
Ammunition allowance  
Number of 2A42 cannon cartridges, pcs. 500
Number of PKTM machine gun cartridges, pcs. 2000
Number of ATGMs, pcs. 4
Main Gunner's sight BPK-2-42, binocular, day, active-passive night
Armament stabilizer 2E36-5 electromechanical, double-plane