Medium Range Air Defense Missile System BUK-M1-2


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Multifunctional mobile medium range air defense missile system. 
Designed to protect sensitive land forces and vital national assets 
Able to cope with the most adverse threats including strategic and tactical aircraft,Β Β  helicopters, cruise missiles, tactical ballistic and antiradiation missiles. 
Capable of attacking sea- and land-based targets.

Capable of engaging six air threats simultaneously. 
Excellent immunity to ECM. 
Can be integratedΒ Β  into other air defense systems. 
Efficient protection againstΒ Β  high- precision weapons 
RapidΒ Β  into-actionΒ Β  and response times. 
Able to operate stand-alone. 
High cross-country ability 
All-weather operation

The system includes:

Target acquisition radarCommand post

Target acquisition radar & Command post 


Self-propelled firing unitsLauncher-loaders

Self-propelled firing units & Launcher-loaders


Aerodynamic target engagement area:  
range, km 3-42
altitude, km 0.015-25
Ballistic target engagement area:  
range, km 3-20
altitude, km 2-16
Sea target (motor-boat, fregate, destroyer) engagement range, km 25
Ground target (parked aircraft, launcher, large CP) engagement range, km 15
Single shot kill probability 0.9 - 0.95
Target speed (max), m/s 1.200



Missile 9M317SAM


Maximum speed, m/sec 1230
Manoeuvrability, g 30
Length, mm 5550
Diameter, mm 400
Wingspan, mm 860
Weight, kg 715
Maintenance-free storage life, years 10