130mm A-222 BEREG Coastal Mobile Artillery System


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A-222E Bereg-E coastal artillery system is designed to destroy/suppress enemy sea/coast-based assets, and to protect friendly land forces operating in coastal areas from attacks of enemy surface ships. It is employed to repel enemy amphibious landing operations, to protect shore-based installations and littoral communications, to provide anti-landing defence of littoral areas, unprotected anchorages and straits. The system can effectively engage high-speed (up to 200 knots) moving sea and ground targets.


Central post with BR-136 fire control system
Six self-propelled (SP) gun mounts
One/two combat duty support vehicles

130mm BEREG Coastal Mobile Artillery System


Central post

The central post is designed to control battery fire. The fire control system includes a radar, TV/optical station with laser rangefinder, surveillance and target detection/designation sight, digital computer providing firing data, battle damage recording equipment, target simulation system for crew training, life-support and power supply systems, and auxiliary equipment. The Bereg-E's fire control system provides calculation of firing data for four targets and simultaneous engagement of two targets in passive and active counter-measures environment.


Self-propelled guns

Self-propelled guns can deliver fire by remote commands from the central post, or in the self-contained mode using their organic optical/mechanical sight, ballistic computer and laser range-finder. The guns are loaded semi-automatically with complete rounds. The guns can fire rounds with HE projectiles with a base fuse, and anti-aircraft projectiles with a nose fuse, as well as drill and dummy rounds.

Combat support vehicles

Combat support vehicles provide power supply of the central post and self-propelled guns, as well as room for crew's rest, messing and medical care. Electric power is supplied by two diesel generators. Fuel tank capacity is sufficient for the system to operate in the self-contained mode for seven days. All Bereg-E elements are mounted on the single-type platform: MAZ-543M wheeled all-terrain truck.


130mm BEREG Coastal Mobile Artillery System



Max range of fire, km 23
Number of targets engagedsimultaneously with any gun combination 1-2
Calibre, mm 130
Barrel length, cal 54
Ammunition 130mm complete rounds
Rate of fire, rds/min 12-14
Laying angles, deg: -
traverse -120...+120
elevation -5....+50
Combat crew: -
SP gun 8
central post 6
combat duty support vehicle 4
Platform cross-country four-axle wheeled chassis