Celebration of the Patron of Mariners St. Nicholas

Photos from the personal collection of Konstantinos Panitsidis

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Built:  Blohm & Voss GmbH
Inclusion in the arsenal of Greece: 1992

Crew: 220. Power Plant: 2 x shaft CODOG, controllable pitch propellers, 2 x General Electric LM2500 gas turbines 60,656 hp, 2 x MTU 20V 956 diesel engines, 10,040 hp. 
Dimensions: Length 117,0 m. Beam 14,8 m. Draft 6,5 m. Weight: Displacement: 3.200 ton. Performance:Speed max 32,4 knot. Armament: 1 x Mk 45 Mod 2A, 2 x Mk15 Phalanx 20 mm CIWS, 2 x Mk141 4 x 8 Harpoon missile launchers, Mk 48 Mod 2 vertical launcher for 16 x RIM-162 ESSM, 2 x Mk32 Mod 5 2 x 324mm T/T for Mk46 torpedoes. Electronic warfare& decoys: Argo AR 700 ESM system, Telegon 10 ESM system, Argo APECS II ECM system, 4 x SCLAR decoy launchers. Sensors and processing systems: Signaal MW08 air search radar, Signaal DA08 air surface radar, 2 x Signaal STIR fire control radar, Racal Decca 2690 BT navigation radar, Raytheon SQS-56/DE 1160 hull-mounted and VDS sonar, SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy, Mk XII Mod 4 IFF radar, 2 x Signaal Mk 73 Mod 1 radar for ESSM, Signaal STACOS Mod 2 combat data system, SAR-8 IR searcher Aircraft carrier: One helicopter S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk.


PHOTOS Frigate Hydra (F 452) type ΜΕΚΟ 200ΗΝ)



Celebration of the Patron of Mariners St. Nicholas
Frigate Hydra (F-452) 
Video: Christos Fotiadis