X-59MK (Kh-59MK) Improved-range missile © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Kostas Panitsidis

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Carrier aircraft launched, designed to kill sea surface radio-contrast targets with RCS > 300m2 (ranging from boat to cruiser) day and night in simple and adverse weather in the high seas or near the coastline.



Design Bureau "Raduga"
Carrier aircraft speed range at launch, km/h 600-1.100
Carrier aircraft altitude range at launch, km 0,2-11
Target aspect ratio, degrees up to ±45o
Cruising speed, km/h 900-1050
Max launch range, km  
Destroyer and cruiser type targets (RCS > 5.000 m2), km 285
Boat type targets (RCS > 300 m2), km 145
Min launch range, km 5-25
Missile altitude, m  
Cruising (over the sea surface), m 10-15
Target area, m 4-7
Hit probability:  
Destroyer and cruiser type targets 0,9-0,96
Boat type targets 0,7-0,93
Max target detection rabge of the active radar seeker (ARS):  
Destroyer type (RCS>5.000 m2), km 25
Boat type (RCS>300 m2), km 15
Βάρος κεφαλής kgWarhead, type and weight, kg Penetration, 320
Engine type 36 ΜΤ
- Bypass turbojet  
Launch weight, kg <930
Length, m 5,7
Wing span, m 1,3
Diameter, m 0,38 (0,42 nose part)