Anti-ship missile X-35E (Kh-35E, 3M-24E) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Photos from the personal collection of Kostas Panitsidis

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Designed to destroy surface war-ship with a displacement of up to 5.000 t. 

Unified for use from the following platforms:
- Uran-E shipborne missile system
- Bal-E land-based mobile missile system
- tactical and naval aviation combat aircraft, as well as surveillance fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft.



Design Bureau "Zvezda"
Operational range, km up to 130
Midcourse altitude, m 10-15
Terminal altitude, m ~4
Flight speed, Mach 0,8
Shipborne (land-based) version's launch weight, kg 620
Air/Heliborne version's launch weight, kg 520/610
Warhead type HE penetrator
Warhead weight, kg 145
Length shipborne (land-based and heliborne)/ FW-borne versions, m 4,4 / 3,85
Fuselage diameter, m 0,42


PHOTOS  X-35E (Kh-35E/3M-24E)