S-90-200 Ekranoplan


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This ekranoplans (wing-craft) was developed by Sukhoi under an agreement with Aero Marin Singapur Ltd. It is a passenger ekranoplans with a capacity of 210 passengers for designed to fly medium routes.

The crew consists of fourteen people. 



Maximum take-off, kg 132.000
Payload, kg 25.000
Length, m 40,00
Height, m 15,00
Wing span, m 61,00
Wing area, m2 -
Maximum speed, km/h 470
Power-plant 2 x Nk-12MK
Power, h.p 2 x 15.000
Service ceiling, m 3 - 2.500
Range, km 1.200-8.000
Passengers 210
Crew 14