TAP-700 Transport-Amphibious Platform


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The transport-amphibious platform TAP-700 is designed for high­speed transportation of passengers and cargo, including special ship­ments. It ships cargo all year round to virtually inaccessible regions, main­ly without mooring facilities.

Operation Conditions 
The TAP-700 is operated on main rivers, large lakes, open sea and ocean routes. It can move on unprepared coasts of up to 5° steep. The platform can also move on ice routes, broken and rugged ice, ground and snowy terrain of one meter ruggedness.

Main Machinery 
The main power plant ensures the platform's propulsion in full range of operational modes. It comprises two parts: the fore and aft power plants. The fore power plant comprises six PS-90A turbojet by-pass engines (second version - NK-92), arranged on a pylon of the platform's bow. The fore power plant ensures full lift-off during blow-in and thrust in main mode of propulsion.


TAP-700 Transport-Amphibious Platform


The aft power plant comprises two NK-12MK turboprop engines, arranged on the stern of the platform, on horizontal tail. The power plant ensures only the thrust and longitudinal balance of the vessel.

Radio Navigation AIDS 
The TAP-700 boasts advanced radio communication means and air navigation aids.



TAP-700 Transport-Amphibious Platform © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Maximum take-off, kg 700.000-750.000
Payload, kg 250.000-300.000
Length, m -
Height, m -
Wing span, m -
Maximum speed, km/h  
- calm water 250
- sea state up to 4-5 (3% occurrence, h.w.=2,5 m) 150
- land 100
- smooth ice, snow 200
Power-plant 6 x NK-92(6 x PS-90) in forward fuselage and two NK-12MK fuselage aft portion
Service ceiling, m 3.000
Range, km  
- calm water 1.000-1.500
- sea state up to 4-5 (3% occurrence, h.w.=2,5 m) 700
- land 500
- smooth ice, snow 950
Passengers 200
Crew 4