Ekranoplan craft Baklan © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Artistic illustration Baklan © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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This ekranoplan craft serves as a high-speed passenger (travel) and administrative-business water transport vessels. It can also carry small batches of cargo, serve as a vehicle for patrol/police, fishery inspection, fish reconnaissance, prospecting offshore deposits and hospital teams.

The ekranoplan craft is operated in offshore sea zones, island archi­pelagoes, water reservoirs, lakes and rivers all year round. The ekra­noplan craft takes off and lands on water and snow.

Two TIGO-541 (firm Lycoming) 2x450 hp aviation piston engines operate fixed pitch air propellers via cardan shafts.

The ekranoplan craft boasts state-of-the-art radio, radio navigation and navigation aids, which meet the Safety Rules of Flights Over the Sea in accordance with requirements of the IMO/ICAO for ekranoplan craft.

The ekranoplan craft is made of anti-corrosion aluminum-magnesium alloys and composite materials on the basis of glass-reinforced and car­bon plastics.
The ekranoplan craft "Baklan" has an aerodynamic configuration sim­ilar to that of the ekranoplan "Strizh", which ensures its natural stability in both ground-effect flights and aircraft-mode flights, as well as improved seaworthiness compared to flying boats of similar weight.

The ekranoplan craft "Baklan" is fitted with a special air-shock-absorb­ing device, which ensures its ascent to flat unprepared banks, maneuver­ing on ground and descent to the water, owing to the "blow-in" effect



Ekranoplan craft Baklan © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Maximum take-off, kg 4.400
Payload, kg 1.000
Length, m -
Height, m -
Wing span, m -
Wing area, m2 -
Maximum speed, km/h 130/113
Power-plant 2 x TIGO (Lycoming)
Power , h.p 2 x 450
Service ceiling, m -
Range, km 800
Passengers 9
Crew 1