Ekranoplan Craft Kulik © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Artistic illustration, Kulik © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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This ekranoplan craft serves as a high-speed boat for family use marine taxi in offshore zone, medical transport, travel boat based on ι cruise-liner and used during mooring near the sightseeing places.
It can be also used for special purposes:

  1. patrol/police;
  2. fishery inspection (fishery recon.), offshore prospecting of deposits
    coastal environment control, medical team for one patient, etc.

The ekranoplan craft is operated on offshore sea zones, archipelago; islands, water reservoirs, lakes and rivers during daytime all year round The ekranoplan craft makes take-off and landing on water and snow.
The ekranoplan craft moves on and off water via plating (concrete, wooden, metallic slabs).

Two "Zoche" (Munich) diesels, 2x300 hp operate fixed pitch air pro­pellers via cardan shafts.

The ekranoplan craft boasts state-of-the-art radio, radio navigation
and navigation aids, which meet the Safety Rules of Flights Over the Sea
in accordance with requirements of the IMO/ICAO for ekranoplan craft.
To facilitate piloting of the ekranoplan craft during lengthy flights, it is
fitted with an autopilot system.

The ekranoplan craft is made of aluminum-magnesium alloys and composite materials on the basis of glass-reinforced and carbon plastics.

The ekranoplan craft "Kulik" has an aerodynamic configuration simi­lar to that of the ekranoplan craft "Strizh", which ensures its natural sta­bility in ground-effect flights and improved seaworthiness, compared to flying boats of the same weight.



Ekranoplan Craft Kulik © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Maximum take-off, kg 2.700
Payload, kg -
Length, m -
Height, m -
Wing span, m -
Wing area, m2 -
Maximum speed, km/h 120/108
Power-plant 2 x Zoche (Munich) diesel
Power , h.p 2 x 300
Service ceiling, m -
Range, km 800
Passengers 5
Crew 1