Ekranoplan Raketa-2


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The "Raketa-2" is designed for the transportation of passengers on 
inland main rivers and water reservoirs.

Operation Conditions
The vessel is operated on rivers and water reservoirs. This vessel can operate as an amphibious craft, negotiate and move over relatively flat surfaces. 
Three XTB7-1 1 7C engines, 2,440 hp each. Auxiliary engine - VD-100. 

Navigation AIDS
The vessel boasts state-of-the-art radio communications means and navigation aids. 
The hull and superstructure are made of aluminum alloy, D16AT. The vessel can be fitted with the navigation station, "Furuno".



Maximum take-off, kg up to 33.000
Payload, kg -
Length, m -
Height, m -
Wing span, m -
Wing area, m2 -
Maximum speed, km/h 190
Power-plant 3 x TV7C
Power, h.p. 3 x 2.440
Service ceiling, m -
Range, km 800
Passengers 89
Crew 3