Lun-P Sea-going passenger ekranoplan craft "Lun-P"  (Based on "Spasatel-2")


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The ekranoplan craft is designed to carry passengers over medium distance water routes.

Main Machinery
Eight NK-87 engines or six engines of PS-90A type.
Radio navigation aids
The ekranoplan craft boasts state-of-the art radio, radio navigation,  navigation and pilot air equipment, which meet sea flight Safety Rules, in  accordance with the requirements of IMO/ICAO for ekranoplan craft.

The ekranoplan craft can be powered by six Rolls Royce engines



Maximum take-off, kg 400.000
Payload, kg 137.000
Length, m 73,80
Height, m 19,2
Wing span, m 44,00
Wing area, m2 550,00
Maximum speed, km/h 450-550
Power-plant 6 x NK-87 in forward fuselage
Thrust, kgf 6 x 13.000
Service ceiling, m 5 up to 300
Range, km up to 4.500
Passengers 472
Crew 12