Spasatel-2 Updated rescue ekranoplan craft (Rescuer)


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The craft is designed to locate and rescue people lost at sea after accidents on ships, aircraft, spacecraft, oil rigs and platforms.

Main power plant
Eight NK-87 engines or six PS-90A engines

The ekranoplan craft can be powered by six Rolls Royce engines. The  optical electronic system, 2100, or Vistar (England) can be used for the  search and rescue operations.



Spasatel-2  Updated rescue ekranoplan craft © Konstantinos Panitsidis



Maximum take-off, kg 400.000
Payload, kg 137.000
Length, m 73,80
Height, m 19,2
Wing span, m 44,00
Wing area, m2 550,00
Maximum speed, km/h 500
Power-plant 8 x NK-87 in forward fuselage
Thrust, kgf 8 x 13.000
Service ceiling, m 5 up to 300
Range, km 4.500
Passengers 300 (max up to 600)
Crew 9