Tu-95 Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) © Konstantinos Panitsidis

Artistic illustration Tu-95 AWE&C © Konstantinos Panitsidis

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In 1965 began the designing of AEW&C from the OKB-156 for covering needs of VVS, under A.N. Tupolev. The team of Tupolev undertook the development of first Russian air system of monitoring and control that was named "126". 

Later Tu-126 plane "L". Initial letter "L" came from the name of flying radar "Liana" that was evolved by the (NII)-17. As alternative solution Tupolev proposed the 4 engine bomber Tu-95.

Characteristics - Revelation of objectives:
Size fighting (Mig-17) - 100 km
Size of percussion (Il-28) - 200 km
Size of bomber (M-4) - 300 km
Possibility of dispatch of collected information in distance 2.000 km



Tu-95 AEW&C © Konstantinos Panitsidis